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    Bringing the tastes of India to Forfar!

    Welcome to Jeet fine dining Indian restaurant. Jeet is the name of our experienced head chef’s lovely little boy. It also means winning, and we are totally committed to winning over our customer’s taste buds by offering them quality food and excellent service. 


    Here at Jeet we only use the best and freshest of ingredients, locally sourced when possible to maintain the highest standard of our authentic Indian cuisine.


    Popular Starters

    • Vegetable Pakora
    • Chicken Pakora
    • Mixed Platter (d)
    • Papadum
    • Chicken Tikka (d)
    • Lentil Soup
    • Seek Kebab

    Popular Dishes

    • Chicken Tikka Tandoori
    • Royal Chicken (d)
      Marinated chicken cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, chillies, coriander and other spices. One of the most popular curries.
    • Tandoori Mixed Grill
      A very festive popular dish with the aristocracy of Mughal origin which is mostly enjoyed in very special occasion like wedding and other big celebrations in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This popular dish is cooked with quality basmati rice, meat according to your choice, garlic, ginger and other herbs and spices, served with a delicious mixed vegetable sauce on the side.
    • Spicy Chicken Masala
    • Jeet Special Curry (d)
      Specially created by carefully mixing of very tender Chicken tikka, king prawn, seek kebab cooked in a medium to hot sauce with chunk of onion, mixed pepper, crushed garlic, ginger and a touch of mango chutney to allow a tangy after taste.
    • Sea Bass Bhuna
    • Vegetable Thali (g)
      Selection of different vegetables served in an Indian Thali ( big plate) with mixed vegetable, bhindi bhazi, mushroom bhazi, Tarka dal, raita, chapati and portion of boiled/saffron rice.

    “Jeet Fine Dining Indian Restaurant”

    We hope you will enjoy dinning with us, and hope all the hard work of the
    whole Jeet team from the kitchen to the front of house will enhance your
    experience. We are constantly working hard to ensure your complete
    satisfaction. We would appreciate any comment or suggestion that you may have to make our service more enjoyable for you.


    If you need help in choosing your dish, just ask! I am always happy to tailor your food to your needs.

    Lawrence Decosta